Products | Pentair.DAM – Catalogo by JOHNNY LARRI – Issuu

Products | Pentair.DAM – Catalogo by JOHNNY LARRI – Issuu

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Japanese production line, conceived for making lines and rigs. Its softness, the knots- resistance and reliability are the main features that make it unique among the rigs lines. It can be used both in fresh and sea water. Monofilament of japanese production. Line for rigs, very knot-resistant, high and exceptional linear resistance. Insuperable in fresh and sea water. Hook Length, is the caption that describes this fluorocoated, transparent rig with features that are very close to the invisibility of fluorocarbon but with a higher ultimate strength, very similar to that of a nylon.

The abrasion strength which is about twenty times higher than that of last generation nylons. The fluorine coating makes the line waterproof and keeps the resistance unaltered also when used for several hours. The monophilament , specifically studied for the realization of the mainline for the poles. Superlative strength, resistance on the knots without limits, abrasion resistance and also resistance for the slides of the little leads on the same lines.

These are the best characters of this monophilament, selected in Japan after many and important tests. A monophilament, specifically developed for the creation of lines and beams.

The colour is light, the elasticity is of a low grade, very good abrasion resistance and also really strong in the structure to permit the normal scroll of the leads. Genesis has been on the market for years and has been appreciated by bolognese-style anglers. For its softness is very good for making angles too.

Silky at the touch, lack of mechanical memory. A monophilament specifically studied for the carpodrome, when the anglers have got the necessity of a great resistance monophilament, really really good for the creation of mainline or direct lines without hooklinks. This line, made in Japan, was chosen for its characters of great linear and knot resistance, indispensable characetristics for this kind of fishing. The superficial coating increases a lot the abrasion resistance and again the resistance for the slides of the little leads on the same line.

This line is still today our strong point in European game fishing. The Tephlon treatment covering makes it totally weather and saltiness proof.

Perfect for making rigs and spooling on reel. During the creation of our Dynasty Green line we have increased a lot the waterproof power, increasing also in this way the breaking strength of the same monophilament while it is wet inside the same water. This line has a frame of polymers enriched with iron particles that increase its weight and helps the sinking.

Low stretching, no mechanical memory, perfect for English style fishing and Feeder. In the m version just for Surf Casting. Japanese line perfect for the reel, made from the fusion of two lines. Treated with organic resins to resist abrasion, very high resistance to the knot.

Very good for Carp Fishing, English style and Ledgering. Very good line for every fishing style where the cast is the basis for a catching. Great smoothness among the rings, low coefficient under stress. Very good for Carp Fishing and Feeder. The shock leaders measure are 20 MT. Thanks to the low extension you will have good performances in respect of the multifibres, without losing that important but controlled elasticity that avoid to unhook the fishes!

Conic line covered with a special resin that increases the smoothness and resistance to abrasion and reduces the mechanical memory. Very good knot hold, controlled elasticity, make this conic line the best any surfcaster can ask.

The final part, shock leader, 20 metres long is transparent. Thanks to the low elongation power, this monophilament will permit you to reach similar performances to the braids used for shock leaders. Every piece is 15 mt long and can be cut as in the thinner part as in the bigger one in order to reach the needed diameters or the most desired ones.

Sections of transparent conic line to make shock leader. Double antiabrasion layer for a better duration, very high knot hold and incredible resistance. Made in Japan with very high quality standards. Its transparent colour makes it suitable for daytime fishing in clear water when the fish gets very suspicious. Every section is 15 metres long and can be cut at the desired length to obtain the diameter wanted. The national athlete Eugenio Ucci has selected an European production monophilament that is really good to make hooklinks, beams and shockleaders.

It is spooled in large coils in order to not stress the line; in this way the same line will rest unchanged from the spooling time to the final use by the angler. It has a very high knot strength and fantastic properties against the casting stress. The elasticity is controlled and the rote mechanic memory is absent: all these together with the maximum transparency, are the best characters of this super new monophilament! Compared to a traditional nylon it has an antisaltiness resistance which is twenty times higher and it keeps its features unalterated also when used at high or low temperatures.

It is also ideal for fishing close to rocks or rubbles that tend to easily eat or cut a common nylon. Another important feature is the low extension which allows a direct contact with the bait and the prey also when fishing at long distances, besides the torsion of the line retrieved under a strong traction is minimized thanks to the controlled mechanic memory.

Finally the UV rays proof treatment makes Smart G3 last longer. This line is able to support high stress like catching one hundred fishes in just one match, without losing the breaking strenght. EVY European monofilament with excellent rapport between price and quality is ideal for all the fishing techniques in the sea and freshwater.

Ideal for the beginners they want a good quality monophilament. Japanese monophilament with excellent rapport between price and quality is ideal for all the fishing technics in the sea as in freshwater. Taking advantage of the extraordinary features of fluorocarbon when using it on the reel is difficult but, thanks to fluorocoated zero HF, we can spool the reels obtaining the right mix between the features of a nylon and a fluorocarbon.

This line has similar invisibility features to those of fluorocarbon but with a higher ultimate strength. The most innovative feature is the abrasion strength about twenty times higher than that of last generation nylon; today we can even cut plastic with zero HF. The fluorine makes the surface much smoother than that of traditional lines, an important feature when the cast is a fundamental part of our fishing typology, besides, the coating makes the line waterproof and keeps the resistance unaltered also when used for several hours.

Finally the surface fluorine layer makes the zero HF UV rays proof. Low stretching allows good strikes directly to the fish in a very short time. On the other hand the TT Ice is completely waterproof and its features remain unchanged also after a lot of hours of fishing or after thousands of casts.

You will be impressed by his strength and endurance! Phosphorescent orange colour permits to have always under control the direction of our casting when fishing in very lacking visibility or during the night. The M1 will amaze everybody for the fantastic mellowness and softness, obtained thanks to a new extrusion technology, created entirely in Europe. The special silicon treatment makes it very saltiness resistant and helps the same line to go out fluently from the reel and also a very good sliding through the guides.

All around wire, suitable for all fishing techniques, both in sea and fresh water. It can either be spooled on reels that used as final. The special packaging of line Start is studied to make the choice easy by those people who come closer to fishing for the very first time and want a good quality line. After month of research and study in the field of materials and related yarns useful for the braid fishing construction, we have developed this wonderful sinking braid with high resistance to nodes and abrasion.

In relation to some diameters it was enough for us to weave thanks to innovative technology 3 lines, mixed in dyneema and polyester, for others we opted for the use of 4 lines, mixed between dyneema and polyester.

We are so pleased to have crowned the range of Smart in a product with this quality and affordable price. To achieve some targets we have to work and braids 8 lines with particular and innovative materials with a sensation of silk at touch. We wanted to create something really different from what the market offers today and after so many test and hard work, we are sure to hit the target. We tested it in all fishing disciplines that needing the use of braid and you can truly trust of our positive response.

Another satisfaction is the diameters that goes from 0. Value for money is incomparable. Ideal as a shock leader in surfcasting. The Jurassic line concentrates the best features of two different monofilaments melted in only one nylon thanks to an advanced process of estrusuine.

Treatment with organic resins. Very high resistance to abrasion. Very high knot hold. Lack of mechanical memory. Anti-saltiness treatment. Anti-UV treatment. Nylon conceived for spooling. Suitable to be used both in sea and fresh water. Several advantages:. It can be used in daytime too, when fishing beyond a certain depth, as the darkness activates the luminescence.

Its peculiar formula makes it suitable both for making beach legering and bolentino main rigs and for the making of rigs or bite-proof reinforcement bogues etc Particularly suitable for catching cuttlefish, squids and ink-fish. The Nembo reel monophilament thanks to the triple superficial treatment silicon anti-uv rays and anti-saltiness has got a real high abrasion resistance that chained to the optimal knot resistance and to the mechanical memory absence makes it a real high quality and high performance line.

A japanese monophilament from fantastic characters: very strong on the knots, on the casting stress and on the over heating when it passes through the guides. The anti saltiness and anti UV treatment extend its life even if it is submitted to extreme conditions.

A monophilament of very good rapport between price and quality, ideal for been spooled and used for all kind of fishing. The polymers and the special technology used, make it highly resistant to the sliding of the rings and abrasions.

Its transparent colouration makes it suitable for fishing in daytime in clear water when the fish gets very suspicious. Incredibly light and soft, features that drastically reduce the friction among the rings in the cast phase.

Elite Reel line is the best you can get on the market from this technology. Exceptional softness, lack of memory, it does not suffer for the torsion and it is very resistant to linear knot. The amazing smoothness makes this line a very high quality product. The low elasticity let more velocity in the setting of the hook. The polymers and the special technology used, make it highly resistant. The total lack of memory drastically reduces the torsions and makes last longer.

The polymers and the special technology used, make it highly resistant to the sliding of the rings. High knot hold, the pressure of the cast.

The antisaltiness and anti-UV treatment give it a long-lasting life also under extreme conditions!!! The total lack of memory drastically reduces the torsions and makes elite long lasting.

The highest quality produced nowadays in the best factory specialized in nylon for reels. The Katana line was created to satisfy the most demanding fisherman, with a japan steel hooks range of top quality enriched with carbon , selected in the more suitable series for specific uses. Carbon and steel alloys used are of the highest quality. The tips sharped in chemical baths have a double durability compared to standard hooks. The Katana Hooks Collection was developed by Maver technicians in collaboration with the best Japan factories with the common goal of achieving top performance.

The katana series combines all the Maver best seller in one, both for the freshwater and the seawater. Nickel hook, large curvature, very light but durable at the same time, the chemically sharpened tip ensures a perfect priming of our bait, worms and delicate ver de vase. Suitable for crucian carp, carp and breams both for the roubasienne fishing and English fishing.

In sizes from 2 to 8 has long been the leading hook for trout fishing both in lake that in torrent. The blued version, the , is ideal for fishing in waters with live bait, The black nichel version hook is for fishing in canals where bremes and carassio are, this particular treatment of this hook makes it much more reliable and performant that becoming perfect for waggler fishing or medium size fishes. The in the large sizes is ideal for the priming of the live shrimp for the fishing of sea bass, but also for the priming of the sardine in the light drifting in mackerel and horse mackerel.

For its reliability it is suitable for competitions in river Arno in Pisa. Very good in bottom fishing in seawater or internal water of lakes and channel. SEA: This anticorrosive black hook is designed to catch big fishes like giltheated breams and sarago fishes that is the main enemy. Its rounded shape with the end lightly curve inwards is perfect for catching crabs. The nickel version perfect for the sea using.

This hook is part of Maver best seller, a hook suitable for many types of fishing, from Roubasienne to English Fishing and Feeder fishing. The black version has a special optional anti-salt treatment which makes it perfect for the use in sea water.

The large sizes are used in surfcasting racing to catch fish in the surface, while in the small sizes is used for the fishing with Bolognese. Straight hook, stem and line are medium and conical end.

Following the great success of we have realised an advanced version for fish of big size. Forged hook, very good hold, perfect for fishing in the river Arno in Pisa. Straight hook, thin line, long stem. Its shape makes every kind of fishing perfect, both in freshwater and saltwater. Hook with round, charcoal thread. Strong with slightly curved tip. Deadly for the gold fish of Cavo Lama, perfect for fishing with worms both in rivers and canals. Suitable for the hooking of worms camole for trout fishing in lake and torrent.

Very good in sea water in surf casting for fishing with raft. Tungsten bronzed straight hook with medium stem, thin line and carbon and steel sharpening. Very strong and forged hook that is really light in the meanwhile: essential characters for a correct hook presentation. His particular reversed curve is perfect for all the predators that are baiting with violence the same bait. Black hook, long shank with very sturdy eye. Suitable to be hooked with long worms. The small sizes are very good for Beach Legering.

The big sizes are exceptional to be hooked with solens, sardine etc The little sizes are very thin thickness but super strong so ideal for surfcasting caompetitions. The size 24 is the most little eyed hook in the market! The bigger size are characterized by bigger and again stronger thickness so perfect also for fish from the boat in search of big catches! In the sizes is available even in the special pack composed by hooks in order to satisfy the competitor needs.

AMO NERO: The best seller hook worldwide for surfcasting competitions: the micro eye is helping to put worms on the same hook and its mold helps to strike better all the bottom fishes, decreasing a lot the possibility to unhook them during the fight and the reel.

During world championship and the most important competitions are allowed the size 14 equal to 5 mm and size 8 equal to 7 mm. Ringed black hook treated with anticorrosion system, developed in order to catch big fishes with strong and hard mouth: big seabreams are its best opponent!

Its round mold with in-point is perfect even in order to bait the crab. You are now finding it! Hook wrought with carbon, very high hold, suitable to lure big carps with boiler and pellets.

Its peculiarity is the straight eye for a better perforation in the mouth of the fish in the strike. Ideal for the seafishing for fish with powerful jaw. Little bent hook, thick and wrought stem, conical end and inox treatment this hook was studied for marine use and big preys also the entire fish.

Lately it has been used succesfully for catfish fishing too. This blue hook has short stem, long end and a big bending. Straight hook, short stem and end, thin line and large opening. Black straight hook, medium line, long stem and inox treatment. Hook made by a particular tungsten alloy that gives strenght and endurance at the dried salt. Medium stem and line with chimical sharped bent end.

This specific bending makes this hook specifically appropriate for use mollusks and mussels in order to hook those fishes that have sturdy fangs like snappers and breams. Hook with medium line, a little bit wrought, long curve inwards end and short stem. It was made in tungsten steel. Hook Aberdeen in steel and wolfram alloy, extra long shank with thick line.

Suitable to be hooked with sardines for catching mackerels and scads. Great for surf casting. Perfect for trout fishing competitions in lake. Barbless hook, dark, light and strong.

The very sharp tip allows the hooking of only one under skin worm looking for suspicious chub. Barbless hook in anthracite colour, light, but heavy at the same time. The sharpned tip allows only one worms under the skin looking for a suspicious chu. Nickel hook with turned end without barb.

Straight hook with micro-loop, medium line, dark grey. It can be used during competitions or in carpodrome, where security, endurance and reliability is required. The microloop permits to use very thin lines and to avoid cut near the palette.

The Katana Match are an high quality hook family made in Japan. The material used are of the highest quality, quality that distinguishes the entire Katana series. This hook is particularly light and thin, very good to be used with vers de vase. The chemically sharpened point enables not to spoil the bait so to have the best presentation. The medium opening and the length of the point provide a very good catch of big preys too.

With the above one, this range is designed for the finest fishing, for the bait of a single vers de vase or a tiny worm, searching for small fish or breams or gardons. Classic shape with medium-long shank and narrow curve for a stronger hold.

Very good for search fishing bleaks too. Model designed for fishing with maggots. Square shape, high point and medium shank, makes this hook the best for bottom fishing.

Light but with a strong hold, also very suitable for fast fishing with vers de vase. Excellent in the use of English fishing. Hook with long shank, medium line and high point. Very good for fast fishing with the bait of a single fitted maggot or with a couple of pinkies hanging down. Specific for big bleaks, rudds and gardons with pole or for the fast a float fishing of carassi. Hook conceived for catching big fish such as barbels, chubs and carps with small hooks.

It can be perfectly used with several different baits but it was designed for maggots. The only hook of the range with curved point, it is perfect for fishing big fish on the seabed. Very high resistance despite its lightness. Very good to be used with sweet corn to catch carps and carassi. Used with success in the bream fishing with big sails. A barbless hook very light , perfect for fishing with the maggots for the most suspicious fishes like chubs, carasses and similars. The point is very shape and the hook-line very thin The trigger will be perfect.

Very light Barbless hook expressly studied for the maggots. The particular square form grants an excellent fishing strike! Barbless hook in balck nikel colour. The point goes back a little bit in direction of the hook shank and it grants a strong auto-strike effect!

High resistance but very light. Ideal for the carpodrome fishing. Classic round shape with medium shank and thin line. The point is chemically sharpened and has perfect proportion, very perforating and with a great hold. Very good for the bait of the delicate vers de vase, pinkies or small worms. The perfect hook for fishing competitions. This hook is similar to KM7 but of bronze colour. Perfect for the bait of caster or casterone, hemps and worms. The bronze colour helps the hook to camouflage perfectly inside the caster for difficult fishing conditions.

Exceptional hook, especially conceived for trout fishing. The perfect ratio between the length of shank and point and its opening makes it very effective in the hooking.. The line diameter is rather thin compared to the hook size and this guarantees a perfect bait of the most delicate baits.

Very resistant thanks to the highest quality steel but still very light. All the hooks of Katana sea series, have the anticorrosion treatment with a special glossy black finish that makes our hook unassailable by salt and corrosion caused by the rubbing on the seabed or on the rocks. Each model is designed to catch specific prey and the curvature of the hook is designed for a better and natural presentation of the bait.

The chemically sharpened tip with a patented acid bath, allow to catch many preys without losing sharpness, essential features for the anglers who fish in speed.

Hook with eye designed to catch big fish with strong jaws, gilthead is its main opponent. Its rounded shape with a slightly curved point is perfect to bait the crab. The swards fertilized with mineral fertilizer N produced the same biomass yield as those fertilized with N The chemical and structural biomass components varied due to the influence of type and rate of fertilizers.

Grasslands are represented in an unsatisfactory manner in agricultural statistics. The official definition of grasslands does not include vast areas of grazed shrubby and wooded ecosystems. It can thus not represent all species-rich grassland types. Improvements of the current situation are proposed. They consist mainly in: i better definitions of grassland terms including for pastures and meadows, permanent, agriculturallyimproved, semi-natural and natural grasslands; ii the classification of temporary grasslands in three categories: pure legume sowings, pure grass sowings and grass-legume mixtures; iii the classification of permanent grasslands in three categories: agriculturally-improved, natural and semi-natural, no longer used for production; and iv the introduction of a new category for grazed fallow land.

The paper presents a comprehensive classification of fodder and grassland types in the agricultural area and a multilingual vocabulary. The results showed that there were higher levels of Cu in the fertilizer treatments that promoted legumes.

The ‘nofertilizer’ treatment and inorganic fertilization with lime increased the percentage of grasses in the swards and herbage Mn levels. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Maize yield in silvoarable systems established under Prunus avium L. Abstract In recent years, in Galicia NW Spain the forest area has increased gradually and therefore the availability of agricultural area has decreased.

Related Papers. Mulberry Morus spp. Also suitable for braided lines. Content: 36 pcs. Equipped with 7 ultra bright long life LEDs and a smart wrist band. Because of its practical size it fits in every pocket.

Every angler should have one! Equipped with an elastic and adjustable head band. Delivery without batteries! The colour of the light of the LEDs can be changed from the normal colour into red, which thanks to its less disturbing effect is perfect for collecting worms! Functions with 2 x 1,5 V AAA batteries.

Batteries not included. Switchable from kg to lbs. Working with usual 3 x 1,5 V AAA-batteries. Batteries included. Superb and very precise digital scale that weighs up to 30 kg and is equipped with a memory function that can hold 8 fish weights!

Made of very robust shock proof and water resistant ABS material, this scale will not let you down! When the darkness has fallen after a long fishing trip it is still possible to read the dial thanks to the integrated light function.

It comes with a heavy duty PVC carry bag that prevents it from getting wet or dirty. Batteries included 1 x 1,5 V AA. Length: 36 cm. Length: 12,5 cm. This robust aluminium eel killer is the quickest and easiest way to kill an eel for consumption. Just put the V shape behind the head and push the blade down to make it quick and painless.

Knife set with one Filet-knife with 17 cm stainless steel blade, stable plastic holder and grinding stone. Delivered in a solid plastic box of 37 x 23 x 5 cm. Modern and functional plier made of stainless steel with soft grip handles.

High grade cutting and crimping devices with bent nose. Length 15 cm Art. Just put the tip of the old line thru the turning parts of the line stripper, push the button an off the line goes! Delivery without 2 AA batteries.

Supported by the removable cap it keeps the temperature of the content stable for a long time, no matter if cold or warm beverages. High grade cutting and crimping devices with split ring function, straight or bent nose. Delivery 50 pieces in a polybag. Large Smoking Oven with a stainless steel body, two grill plates for approx. The in the top cover integrated ventilation system as well as the burners can be precisely regulated. Dimensions in built up condition: 43 x 27 x 20 cm. New and functional tackle box made of highly durable plastic!

Stable, spacious and equipped with two layers. Solid snap and carrying handle. Measurements: 42 x 21 x 20 cm Art. Single sided tackle and lure box Single sided tackle and lure box with clear top! Perfect for organizing all kinds of lures and terminal tackle.

Also ideal for boat fishing. Measurements: 38 x 30 x 8,5 cm Art. Double sided tackle and lure box with clear top! Measurements: 38 x 30 x 17 cm Art. Stable, spacious and equipped with three layers.

Just hang the hook on the therefore designed hook bar, and fix the end of the rig in the hard foam with one of the pins. Additionally, it is equipped with 3 hook compartments for storing spare hooks, boilie stops, rig rings, bait riggers, etc. Fantastic new multi-functional tackle box made of highly durable plastic!

Stable, spacious and can be opened from the top. Measurements: 40 x 25 x 20 cm Art. Double sided free standing or single for wall fixing. Measurements double sided : 45 x 20 x 90 cm. Extra large new tackle box made of highly durable plastic! Measurements: 44 x 23 x 23 cm Art. Clear tackle boxes made of hard plastic for a well organized storage of various terminal tackle and lures, etc. It consists of 50 tackle boxes from big lure containers, to very small double side hook- and fly boxes.

Check the average price per box and you will be amazed! Please Note: Material of all boxes is twister-resistant! Please Note: These boxes fit into the bags Art. Because the hooks are fixed and not flying around in the box, they remain sharp much longer. The box is offered together with a very handy picker, so that getting a single hook easily off the magnetic bottom is no problem at all! Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 11 x 2 cm 44 compartments. Big and professional hook box for the safe and well organized storage of loose hooks.

Consists of 2 foldable parts of special duraplast with hookbox lockable compartments as well as an outer Art. The capacity is approximately 10 litre. This bucket is also very suitable for transporting and mixing feeder mixes, safely storing eel and neatly taking home your caught fish.

Diameter: 35cm, Height 30 cm. Both buckets can be stored in each other for space saving transport. All three buckets can be stored in each other for space saving transport. Capacity: 15 l. The closable, sievelike element can be put into the water with the bait content during fishing. Capacity: 7 l. Our international team of predator specialists have designed each single bag or case in detail, so that they are perfectly suitable for their usage. The black diamond pattern fabric in combination with the cobalt blue accents, give the luggage a modern and trendy appearance.

All bags are manufactured using tough water resistant D nylon. On the outside of the duffle you your lures in. The giant pike transporter offers great room for storing lures. The also have the possibility of connecting a rod tube with the carefully placed top and bottom are made from waterproof moulded EVA which gives the bag Velcro straps. The bag has two durable built-in skate wheels as well as a great stability. The 4 outer pockets provide additional room for lines, tools and telescopic aluminium handle part, which makes it very light to transport.

All in other tackle. The sides of the bag are reinforced so that it keeps standing up e salli g N eofdfishing A N dtrips! Measurements: 95 x 40 x 35 cm Measurements: 64 x 35 x 38 cm.

A great tough pouch to keep all your systems, rigs and steelwires neatly at hand. You can tighten the rig systems so that they keep nice and straight and this way you are always certain that the hooks are not damaged when you go fishing! Inside there is a special zipped pocket for small tackle like swivels, sleeves and hooks! Measurements: 45 x 15 x 6 cm. Rods and reels are secured and protected by the high-impact outer shell and the thick padded PVC inside.

The strong nylon loop on top enables you to neatly store your rods by hanging the case on the wall, of the ground! This bag is equipped with some very clever storage features. The 5 tackle boxes are vertically positioned in the bag for easy access. The entire top part can be taken off as a pouch and is equipped with a mobile phone holder. Measurements: 47 x 28 x 31 cm. A nice and handy bag that has numerous storage possibilities for the active dropshot anglers with many softbaits, hooks, leads, d e s i g N e d A N d e N g i N mobile e e R eangler.

Beside several completely new bags we have also improved our existing programme by many useful details in order to further improve functionality and durability! Due to the different models this includes more stable, water- and abrasion-proof bottom parts, new buckles, additional outer pockets and an improved carriage system.

A modern rucksack designed for the advanced outdoor orientated angler! Equipped with many useful features as for example an integrated rain cover, this rucksack offers litres of space for any kind of tackle and equipment you need to carry with you. Measurements: 30 x 60 x 70 cm. Measurements: 30 x 21 x 25 cm. Measurements: 55 x 25 x 30 cm. Measurements: 60 x 35 x 35 cm. Excellently made rod bags of very hard-wearing, durable D nylon material, with enough room for up to four completely made-up rods.

A very nice budget carp hold all either for beginners or as an additional stalker bag. The hold all is made of D nylon, which makes it waterproof and extremely durable. Allround thick padded rod bags in four lengths for three completely mounted rods and equipped with two large outer pouches for landing nets, bank sticks, etc. Next to the strong handle parts, these bags have also an additional, individually adjustable, padded and very comfortable shoulder carry system that leaves your hands free!

Material: D Nylon Art. Multi functional rod bags with either 2, 3 or 4 single compartments! Equipped with outer bags on both sides for landing nets as well as additional open pockets for bank sticks and 2 fixing straps for umbrellas.

Measurements: lengths 1,10 – 1,70 m, widths 20 – 40 cm, height max. Throughout padding to avoid damages. Comfortable carrying handle and shoulder strap, also padded. Featuring a fresh and modern design these tackle bags offer several useful compartments as well as a certain number of integrated hard PVC boxes for any kind of lures and terminal tackle.

While the small and medium one has mainly been developed for the active spin angler walking along his fishing water, the large bag is mainly thought for the boat angler who carries a lot more of equipment with him! Especially upholstered lead carry bag with adjustable compartments! With this bag all necessary equipment can be carried well assorted and quickly ready to use! Additionally equipped with 2 detachable outer pockets.

Measurements: 36 x 17 x 26 cm. Detachable inner wet bag. Large outer bag with two extra pockets. Measurements: 40 x 18 x 30 cm. Amount 10 pcs. The stable EVA moulded bottom keeps the bag up-right and waterproof, where the rubber mesh sides ensure complete breathability. Measurements: 35 x 24 x 40 cm. Well constructed unhooking mat especially for bigger and longer fish! Many pockets and compartments with Measurements: Transport: 65 x 20 x 20 cm, different access ways permanently guarantee a complete overview.

Closed: 90 x 65 x 5 cm, The well balanced carriage system allows unhindered movement at Width with folded out corners: cm, Open: x 90 x 2,5 cm any time.

Volume: 35 l Expert Tip: Good for carp, but absolutely perfect for pike! Here you can easily store in the perks and take them out again. Suitable for medium up to big size perks. Measurements: 21 x 16 x 27cm. Suitable for small up to medium perks. Measurements: 20 x 16 x 22 cm. This bag can take everything you need for a active and successful day incl.

Measurements: 38 x 17 x 32 cm. Ideal for all carp anglers, but also perfectly suitable for wire leaders! Measurements: 60 x 7 cm. Measurements small : 15 x 12 x 8 cm Measurements large : 18 x 15 x 10 cm. Sensational and multifunctional hard frame bag for trout anglers! The basis consist of a metal table of 50 x 30 cm with 4 telescopic aluminium legs. The table itself can also be separated by a round going zipper and gives stability to the whole construction.

Inside there are 3 well fitting and removable units, partly closable and with 6 small screw top plastic glasses. On the inside of the upper part there is a foam board for winding up rigs and leaders and a foldable unit containing 3 removable plastic boxes for hooks and swivels.

Between both there are 2 x 10 fixing loops for floats. On the outer side there is another pocket for documents, etc. The Power Trout System hard frame bag can either be carried by a neoprene padded hand held or shoulder belt. Minimum measurements with legs folded : 52 x 32 x 20 cm, Maximum measurements with legs fully extended : 52 x 32 x 42 cm, Weight empty: ca. A professional multifunctional bag that has been especially developed by trout anglers for their fellow trout anglers!

This frame makes sure that when one tackle box is taken out of the bag, that bag remains rigid and standing up right! A very compact but extremely functional bag that has been developed for the modern, mobile trout angler.

A compact and very stable aluminium case for trout anglers! With this case a trout angler can easily carry all the terminal tackle he needs. With 4 telescopic legs the case can quickly be build up like a table. Inside there are 3 compartments. One with 6 screw top plastic glasses, another one with a plastic box for hooks and swivels and a third longer d e s i g N e d A N d e N g i one N efor eR e d floats, i N getc. At m the A Ninside Y of the fixable top there is a foam board for winding up rigs and leaders, a mesh pocket for documents and 4 loops for fixing floats, but the true highlight is a LED lamp that provide the necessary overview in the darkness.

Moreover there are 2 more trays of 26 x 18 x 3,5 cm accessable d e s i g N e d A N d e N g i from Nee Rfront e d side i N and g elocked R m AbyNaYspecial system that prevents the unintended the falling out. Minimum measurements with legs folded : 41 x 30 x 19 cm, Maximum measurements with legs fully extended : 41 x 30 x 39 cm, Weight empty: ca.

A well padded 6-leg luxury bedchair with a robust aluminium frame. Equipped with adjustable mud feet as well as backside. Also features a feet end that is covered with an easy-to-clean nylon fabric, which enables you to keep your shoes on when needed. Dimensions: x 80 x 32 cm. Transport Dimensions: 85 x 80 x 22 cm. Weight: 5,1 kg. This will be ensured by our new carry bag with padded handle and shoulder strap. Made of D-Nylon with solid zipper and thoroughly straps enforcement.

Measurements: 85 x 80 x 25 cm. A very stable and solid 6-leg bed chair with a steel frame, for a reasonable price. R m The A Nright Y bedchair to accompany you on a long session.

Transport Dimensions: 85 x 80 x 23 cm. Weight: 8,9 kg. This enormous luxury chair made out of lightweight aluminium enables you to sit very relaxed and comfortable at your favourite fishing spot. Light and easy to transport, comfortable to sit on, and great value for money.

Dimensions: 73 x 62 x cm. Transport Dimensions: 73 x 80 x 20 cm. Weight: 4,8 kg. This practical steel chair with arm rests is another very popular item in our budget range.

Easy to transport, comfortable to sit on, and great value for money. Dimensions: 48 x 42 x 85 cm. Transport Dimensions: 48 x 55 x 16 cm. Weight: 5,2 kg. Equipped with adjustable back rest, adjustable feet and neoprene padded arm rests for many d e s i g N e d Ahours N d of e most N g irelaxed N e e Rsitting. Complete aluminium frame mit high class cordura fabric. Best sitting comfort. Arm rests padded with neoprene. Also perfectly suitable for any other kind of outdoor stay.

Put-up measurement: 60 x 60 x 92 cm Transportation measurement: 60 x 15 x 92 cm Weight: 3 kg Maximum load kg. Heavy duty and high quality folding chair with also foldable side plate!

Put-up measurement: 50 x 50 x 85 cm Transportation measurement: 50 x 10 x 85 cm Weight: 4 kg Maximum load kg. A very light robust chair that has a great design and offers extreme Art. Although the chair is perfect detachable cushion on the back and two cup holders integrated in for fishing, it can also be used very well during camping and grill the arm rests.

Padded carrying frame. One front pocket and two side pockets with concealed zips. Put-up measurement: 40 x 38 x 55 cm Transportation measurement: 20 x 38 x 55 cm Weight: 3 kg Maximum load kg. Put-up measurement: 34 x 34 x 65 cm Transportation measurement: 6 x 6 x 65 cm Weight: 1 kg Maximum load kg.

Offers enough space for everything a fishermen needs! Alternative use with our without shelter. Detachable PVC-bottom. Entrance height: app. By a zipper the tent part can be removed from the umbrella for single use. The angle of the upper part of the umbrella can be adjusted. Delivery with tent lines and ground hooks. Outer diameter 2,20 m. Giant 2,60 m of width, nylon-taslan material, aluminium speer system, You can move the top, the spike is adjustable top quality and various ways how to use: Outer diameter 2,20 m 1.

As a normal umbrella for sun and rain protection 2. Modern 4 mm neoprene chest wader equiped with high quality felt sole, taped and sealed sewings, double layer knee area with rubber protection, outer chest pocket with velcro zipper and additional mesh pocket, adjustable shoulder straps with neoprene padding and clip locks as well as 2 ring eyes for attaching various tools.

Light and comfortable chest wader made out of a new NylonTaslan-combination which has several advantages compared to the usual Nylon-PVC waders due to the special outer shell as well as due to the new inner coating. Equipped with a cleated sole, taped and sealed sewings, an adjustable belt, a chest strap and an inner chest pocket.

Light and comfortable hip wader made out of a new Nylon-Taslan-combination which has several advantages compared to the usual Nylon PVC waders due to the special outer shell as well as due to the new inner coating.

Equipped with a cleated sole, taped and sealed sewings, semielastic belt straps with clip locks and adjustable upper thigh width.

Modern 4 mm neoprene hip waders equiped with high quality felt sole, taped and sealed sewings, double layer knee area with rubber protection as well as semi-elastic belt straps with clip locks.

New in our Hydro-Tech series is this breathable chest wader made in a 3-layer construction! It offers positive wearing comfort in any weather situation. The neoprene socks are equipped with an anti-slip coating and integrated gravel guards. The flexible belly belt can be fixed on the backside by a velcro tape against unintended movement, it can be opened by a snap buckle and the width can be adjusted on both sides.

The shoulder straps can also be opened by such snap buckles, the length is adjustable and they are padded by some antislip neoprene. Inside the chest area the wader is equipped with a water proof zipper pocket for documents, etc.

All sewings are well taped inside. Just feel well in this wader! Also new in our Hydro-Tech series is this breathable chest wader made in a 3-layer construction! It offers positive wearing comfort at any weather situation. The attached rubber boots are equipped with a nonslip profile sole.

The shoulder straps can also be opened by such snap buckles, the length is adjustable and they are padded by some anti-slip neoprene. Inside the chest area the wader is equipped with a water proof zipper pocket for documents, etc.!

From the outside this new breathable HydroTech wader is identical with the normal stocking foot version Art. This offers a certain wader! At a total height of approx. The felt sole makes them silent and – in warm weather and water without fleece lining and savely stepping and at the inside small outlets assure desigNed ANd eNgiNeeRed iN geRmANY without additional underwear!

Expert Tip: Perfectly suitable for spring time fishing on sea trout in extremely cold waters! Size Tough natural rubber boots with anti-slip sole, removable inner shoe with integrated aluminium foil heat reflector system and comfortable hexagon neoprene foot bed.

Suitable up to degrees Celsius. High quality boots made out of natural rubber with comfortable cotton lining, adjustable opening to tighten around the legs, superb shock-absorption, and a self-cleaning outer sole with great grip. At size 45, the height is about 41 cm and the weight of one boots is about g. Also available with a 3 mm thick Neoprene lining, making this rubber boot a good choice for the wintertime.

It would have been much easier to stick with convention, but whilst many brands just prefer to imitate, D. Boat Suit 2 Tlg. Attention: The D. It reduces the risk of cooling out and drowning! It guarantees no rescue! HydroForce boat suit become a great success.

Its introduction brought fresh new and exciting ideas to the floatation suit market. This was no improvisation. It was in fact a radical new approach, and quickly brought new levels of performance and style to discerning, safety conscious anglers and we have managed to do so again!

The new D. ExplorerTM Boat Suit is not a life jacket, but just a buoyant swim support with insulating features! The breathable D. HydroForce range has been developed and tested in Germany by professional anglers with lots of outdoor experience! Almost all hard Date: 8th August Overall site including Islamic outer town extends over area Collected: 7th August Plunder holes through one of these mounds to a vegetated depression is evident SW of the main citadel NW shows c.

Surface artefacts include occasional sherds modern housing and gardens. Lab assessment: Iron IV. Hard red and grey wares are remains in quite good condition. Mostly hard burnished red ware J9. The white silt. Hard red and grey wares Surrounded on most sides by a sprawl of village houses.

Overall bowl B4. J10, and 2 sherds of red and grey ware. Date: 8th August Straight valleys system; this deserves future investigation cf. Landscape Report. Samples: One bag sherds: A small assemblage to north, but everything to south now lies under a small of mostly hard burnished red ware, with a smaller quantity village. The assemblage clearly Lab assessment: Iron IV. Hard grey ware and red ware together with some cream coloured red and grey wares are similar in concept to the material ware.

B4, and 1 sherd of B10, 1 sherd of red and grey ware. Hard red and grey wares are similar in with everted rims and I carinated vessel. Date: 8th August, Diameter: c. Within rain-fed cultivated zone, now ware and grey ware, with 1 sherd of coarse tempered cooking being converted to irrigation scheme.

Beyond the tappeh, a low mounded area occurs to from a separate, but closely associated and slightly earlier, the NE. Field assessment: Collection of large sherds thrown up from Date: 12th August, Note, these are only representative of the lower foot-slopes of the mound. Lab assessment: Bronze Age or Iron Age? Oriented around deep N-S depression red and grey wares are similar in character to the material which leads to hollow-ways at S end of site.

The outer settlement of low, rounded cultivation to N of Wall. Well-developed radial hollow-ways, mounds includes occasional large stones, not dressed. Mixed assemblage in the centre and is surrounded by a moat-like depression; of hard burnished grey ware and red ware together with the deep depression continues to the S.

Mostly hard burnished red ware including Condition: Very good. Mostly hard burnished continues into later periods. The whole rims. In particular, grey ware with a smooth texture, one of which belongs to the presence of J9 and J10 indicate a date within Iron IV. A single sherd Date: August 12th N and E, but neither prominent nor extensive. To the west of the crater. Area cereals and other crops. Occasional surface stones on outer generally under cultivation. General Site Description: Rounded mound.

A mixed assemblage of hard Pottery Types and Dating: burnished red ware and grey ware together with some coarse Samples: 1 bag, sherds: 35 tempered cooking pots. Note that the cooking are no diagnostic sherds. Meander traces to c. Linked to south by meander part of this ha site. Pottery scatter across the low side of village.

Very conspicuous and prominent central side of the mound covering approximately a quarter of the depression c. Samples: Not collected Condition: Poor, many robber trenches on top of mound Although no collection was made, the surface scatter of Pottery Types and Dating: the site included common pottery of Middle Islamic type, Samples: 1 bag assigned by Hamid Omrani Rekavandi to the Ilkhanid Lab assessment: Mixed assemblage, some Bronze or Early period.

Length, Width, Height: None estimated. Kiani regards this site as the wall, near GWS 9 and Because only General Site Description: Rounded mound.

Date: 31st August Condition: Good. Also plain hole mouthed cooking-pots Length: m; Width: m; Height: not estimated, but and hard orange horizontally and vertically comb incised according to Kiani c. Parthian periods. General Site Description: Pentagonal mound covered in scrub Date: 20th April vegetation and pitted with robber trenches.

Possible graves on top of mound according to local villager. None of its defences or other Length: m; Width: m; Height: citadel mound c. It area of urban development. Pottery scatters occur on Fig.

Small are covered by modern reservoir. Samples: 1 bag. Lab assessment: Assemblage of mixed date. Some material Condition: At risk of being completely covered by the urban comparable to the assemblage from Fort 4 including one sprawl of Gonbad sherd of J1. Also some Islamic coarse and glazed ware Pottery Types and Dating: including monochrome green glazed wire of the 12th—13th Samples: 2 bags?

Date: 22nd April General Site Description: Very tall mound with steep sides. Pottery Types and Dating: North side eroded out. Some sort of modern shelter built Samples: 1 bag. Both seem to be typical of the Bronze Age. Also Condition: Good. Nothing within the Field assessment: Bronze to Iron Age. One Length: 50 m; Width: 40 m; Height: 2—3 m. The area is under cultivation, but the tappeh itself is Date: 24th April It controls an area of high ground gradually destroyed by the expanding industrial complexes where, without its presence, it might have been possible to and leisure facilities.

There General Site Description: Some walls are still visible on the was very little pottery on the surface. The Pottery Types and Dating: No assessment available.

NE wall contains the typical hillocks which represent the Samples: 1 bag eroded remains of projecting towers. Date: 5th May Pottery Types and Dating: Length: Main tappeh c. Depression to N: Length c. To the NE Wall in the eastern part of the plain. The area is under of the mound is a large depression with a raised perimeter. Outer bank is well preserved on ground because of the dense cultivation. Condition: Good, but at risk from ploughing as the site is Condition: Fair.

Modern road running around edge of large under cultivation. Samples: 1 bag Samples: 1 bag. Field assessment: Parthian? Date: 26th April Length: 30 m; Width: 25 m; Height: 4—5 m Length: c. Dense scatter of pottery covering the site. Samples: 1 bag Pottery Types and Dating: No assessment available. Field assessment: Possibly Iron IV? Hamid Omrani Samples: 1 bag Rekavandi. See Main Report Wall at its eastern end. There are several robber trenches on top of General Site Description: The well preserved defences the mound.

The site was surveyed c. Small amounts of pottery are visible m-wide gate. The walls survive to c. The site is on the surface. Condition: robber trenches visible in top of mound. An outer earthwork has an interior ditch and a c. Collector and Date: 5th May Whereas our Length: Main mound m; small mound to SE 20 m. Width: guide thought the plunder holes were mostly 15—20 years old, Main mound m; small mound to SE 15 m there was also a very recent thin and deep shaft.

Height: not estimated. There was little pottery on the surface, but there were typical Area is under cultivation. Consists of large main mound with smaller mound to the south-east. To the Condition: Top of main mound is pitted with small depressions south a prominent rocky outcrop blocks the way.

Pottery Types and Dating: A plateau of c. No defences were preserved on the west, Date: 5th May The small site looks like a hilltop Length: c.

Remains of a step ladder and the wooden General Site Description: Small high mound with scrub support of a makeshift tent were visible remains of the vegetation on top. Pottery scatter on top and visible in plundering. According to Ali Mousavi and Danesh Parvar, eroded side section. Pottery Types and Dating: Pottery Types and Dating: Samples: 1 bag Samples: 1 bag including 1 almost complete base from a Field assessment: Mainly from an oblong trench at the large vessel.

Early Islamic with distinctive Field assessment: Iron Age geometric incised decorations. Date: 5th May Date: 8th May A slopes. This left the outer mounds very deep and recent.

Several were dug to depths in excess to the north beyond and outside the wall. Date: 5th October The interior and exterior of the site are south. The surrounding slopes are heavily forested with under cultivation. The intermittent defensive wall was especially Pottery Types and Dating: evident towards the east where the site was entered from Samples: None below.

Occasional pottery appears to be medieval in date. Condition: Partly overgrown within the high pastures used Date: 5th May by local goat-herds in the summer. Soils in this area show evidence of salinity. The actual transgression c. The site is an area of cleared pasture area of low mounds that are very conspicuous on the CORONA land, but the precipitous surrounding slopes are densely imagery. There was a spring or seepage and slightly saline plains which originally might have been in the plateau just below the site.

A narrow, small canal trace or hollow-way end of the settlement was a group of 4—5 kilns or furnaces. Length: m; Width: m dimensions include defences Pottery Types and Dating: Pottery, some glass, roof tiles, rotary Height: unknown. General Site Description: A small, square fort. Daland Fig. There is a minor stream to the south. Length: 1. Described then as a citadel with else survives or is evident, but a small, square fort, c. The pronounced tepe to the NW probably pre-dates crossed by numerous qanats on all sides.

General Site Description: A large, square enclosure with the mound of a possible tappeh within the central part of the Wall scatter interior. There is some evidence for an exterior moat on all four sides. To the north and outside 37 Roberts et al. There is 38 Djamali et al. The latter enclosure has 40 Frechen et al. Notes 43 Jones and Schumm Moreover, the abstraction of large 3 Charlesworth See also chapters Also see the 19th-century sources on present Caspian level.

The Iranian investigations are 61 Rychagov i.



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Wiadra, sita, pojemniki Buckets, sieves, containers Chwytaki, akcesoria trollingowe Grips, trolling accessories Akcesoria Competition Competition accessories Haczyki Method Feeder, przypony Method Feeder hooks, hooklengths Haczyki, przypony, kotwiczki Hooks, snelled hooks, trebles Siatki, parasole, podbieraki Keepnets, umbrellas, landing nets Sadzyki, wiadra Live bait buckets, buckets Torby, pokrowce, parasole Bags, holdalls, umbrellas Pokrowce, torby, akcesoria Holdalls, bags, accessoriess Ponton, maty, siatki, wagi Inflatable boat, matts, keepnets, scales Extreme durability, stiffness and lightness.

These are the most important factors of the GST pole, manufactured of the high modulus carbon fibres. The pole’s joints were reinforced with cross mat and PTFE treated. Thanks to the perfect shape and wall thickness and stiffness it is unbelievably well balanced. This enables you fishing with pleasure for long without fatigue. When competition fishing its stiffness plays important role, shortening the time for hook set and increasing the catch rate.

The pole blank has been additionally reinforced with carbon plait, what increases strength and durability in the hardest conditions. The GST pole thanks to above mentioned advantages will perfectly manage canals and lakes for big specimen as well as for speed river currents. All top sets in our offer perfectly suit the GST pole. The pole is manufactured of the top class very high carbon. Highest level technical parameters, stiffness, lightness and good balance place the GST on pole position among the poles.

Its unique, extremely dynamic action is the most important factor of this pole. The action improves the rate of successful strikes and enables the fastest fishing during competitions. The put over joints are strengthen with special carbon mat with PTFE finish that enables wearing of joint surface and avoid accidental detaching. The pole was covered with special, patented coating that makes shipping and unshipping of the pole no matter the weather conditions. The poles backbone is marked for stiffness optimalisation.

Foam plugs in top ends of fourth, fifth and sixth section make connecting the top set easy and prevent joints from dirt and damage. The pole comes complete with three mini extensions: 1 — fitting 9th segment, 2 reversible — fitting 5th and 6th segments , 3 fitting 7th and 8th segments. The extensions are making the pole stronger and better balanced when wishing shorter lines.

The pole is constructed in such way that the 8th segment with 11m mark — lightweight can be shifted with the 9th segment 13 m — strengthened. When fishing around 11 m it is worth changing the segments as we receive the stronger butt and better balanced pole.

The pole made of the top quality carbon fibres enforced with high strength mat. The pole construction for extreme fishing action. The pole is perfect for fishing in strong winds and for playing big specimen. Even bend and perfect pole balance suitable for river fishing. Anglers loving commercial fishing will find GST X as a great device.

Set includes three mini extensions. All pole elements are made according to high GST standards. The long pole was manufactured of high modulus carbon. Its main advantage is a good compromise between strength, weight and stiffness. The poles backbone is marked for stiffnes optimalization. Construction and composition of carbon fibres used for this pole make it perfect for carp fishing and heavy river fishing.

Superb action enables stable running the float in strong streams and safe big fish playing. Additional section with thick walls, made of very strong and robust carbon. It is purposed for getting precise length of 11,5 m and strengthening of the pole butt.

Very fast and stiff top set for fishing on canals, still waters and slower rivers. Maximum elastic diameter 1 mm. Allround top set for fishing in all water conditions. Maximum elastic diameter 1. Top set for fast rivers as well as for big specimen on still waters.

Maximum elastic diameter 1,8mm. Extremaly stiff and strong two element top set with oval hole in the bottom part of 2nd section. The part has several centimetre strong zone with hole finished with special SIC guide. It is purposed for fishing with hollow Extreme Elastic.

Perfect for big, hard fighting fish. Top set for cupping. The GST is a flagship whip for line to hand fishing. It is the competition device with top parameters manufactured of high modulus carbon. Stiff, lightweight, has got the even bend, enabling playing of the big fish. Specialist bolognese rods made of extra high modulus carbon purposed for fishing on channels and rivers.

Butt section is covered with special anti-slip varnish. Other sections are covered with anti-static layer preventing line from sticking to the rod blank. Equipped with SIC rings. Long Distance rod enables precise rig control and sure hook set. The rods are equipped with hood for rings. Both rods are equipped with specially designed, professional cloth bag, that enables carrying assembled rod with reel and rig on winder.

Supporting plug — prevents from ring transport damage. The rods have the highest technical parameters worthy the top range match rods on the market. The blanks are constructed of the super high modulus carbon fibres. They bend perfectly and have unrepeatable dynamics. High grade guides SIC type, cork handle with both ends finished with extremely robust ground cork. Match rods made of extra high modulus carbon. Shorter version 3,90 m is purposed for short and medium distance fishing on channels and still waters.

Exceptional action enables comfort slider fishing on dep waters. Version 4,20 and 4,50 m was designed for anglers willing to fis at medium and long distances on deeper waters. Very fast and dynamic action makes long distance strike sure. SIC rings equipped. They were manufactured under the Spiral Carbon technology, using the high modulus carbon fibres. Spiral fibres splait offers great dynamics, what gives you possibility to cast far and precisely as well as sure hook setting from distance.

The Solution rods come complete with the three spare tips: light, medium, heavy. The Speed Method rods include two spare tips. The different strength of tips allow precise adjustment to the fishing conditions and detecting the lightest bites.

The Solution rod is cm long. It is multi purpose rod, to be fished on still waters, slow moving canals and rivers. The Speed rods come in two versions 2 and 3 section. Both have cm. Feeder rods are equipped in SIC guides. Butt sections are finished with cork combined with EVA foam. Tiny reel body covers unbelievably precise and reliable gear, examined formerly in match reels. The reel was designed for competitors fishing with feeder rods. Large spool capacity, precise line lay, reliable roller and a smooth drag, these are the features of the modern reel for professionals.

There are two line clips on the spool additionally. You can mark two fishing distances. Aluminiowa szpula w komplecie. The GST reel has a big spool comparing to the body. It shows the reel’s purpose waggler and slider fishing. Robust gear, precise line lay place the reel at the top of the reel market.

Very practical solution – two line clips on the opposite sides of the spool enables marking of the two fishing distances.

Aluminum spare spool.

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