PDF Editor Comparison: Adobe Acrobat vs. PDF Expert vs. PDFelement – replace.me.The best PDF app for Managing, Reading, and Editing — The Sweet Setup

PDF Editor Comparison: Adobe Acrobat vs. PDF Expert vs. PDFelement – replace.me.The best PDF app for Managing, Reading, and Editing — The Sweet Setup

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Ipad pdf expert vs adobe reader free download –

Foxit has great design taste, a strong set of tools in its free tier, and a reasonable annual subscription for editing, organizing, and filling and signing forms. The app has extra small touch targets scattered throughout, specifically in the right tool sidebar. Bite Digital Services Review Amy Yang is a Junior Research Analyst at SoftwarePundit, where she conducts in-depth analyses on software markets and products.


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This may just be my obsessive-compulsive nature but I always want to complete my homework with a beautiful, concise, and versatile application. If you feel that CAJ Viewer etc.

But then, this article may not be for you. The applications selected in this article are considered representative works of these companies and the purpose is to completely solve all PDF-related problems — and to leave you with one less thing to worry about.

There are far too few free excellent applications. The vast majority of free PDF applications are practically useless. Better free applications such as Foxit also have deal-breaking shortcomings, such as the macOS version not being able to edit PDF. As a result, even though I tend to use free apps, I now prefer to use relatively cheap paid apps, such as apps that are difficult to replace, like Parallel Desktop.

Adobe Acrobat, PDF Expert, and PDFelement are great replacements for free apps but the original pricing of these three is not cheap; fortunately, there are special prices, anniversary sales, education discounts, and city-based dealer discounts, and you can also get special codes to apply when you check out.

PDF Expert also has educational discounts, but it is not as cheap as the official website. PDFelement users can also apply for a batch education discount license. Moreover, although the apps I purchased are all at my own expense, if I had another chance, I would consider finding a tutor to reimburse me… I am quite dissatisfied with the current reimbursement system, such as small things that cannot be invoiced.

It adds up to a lot of money. If I work as a tutor, I will find a way to solve all the academic expenses accrued by students, including genuine software, items that cannot be invoiced, and some phone bills.

On the interface front, the left panel of the three is somewhat different. Although Acrobat is huge, it does have its power. There are a large number of free and paid templates and they are divided into dozens of categories, the most popular of which is the resume template, which is really attractive. I can use the shortcut keys to quickly adjust the view, which is an indispensably important function in reading, and the shortcut keys of the three views are slightly different:.

Of course, there are also some unique shortcut functions that better serve the purpose of reading. This improves the reading experience, but PDFelement only has basic functions in this regard. The search function is also for reading, but considering that this is a key function, it is mentioned separately.

There is not much to say in this regard. Both Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert encountered problems: for example, Acrobat indicated that the current font was not available and switched to the system font, and the font changed after editing in PDF Expert. Like its search function, Acrobat can recognize multiple documents, as can PDFelement. Acrobat also allows you to combine files before finalizing the editing process. I like all the options on the right side than the top.

Well, that’s my preference, and yours might differ. I think it’s a mature solution with all the bells and whistles. You can add a signature, initials, and even small details required in forms like cross marks, bullet points, etc. PDF Expert offers several annotate tools. You can use highlighters, strikeout, and even underline tool with several colors. The options allow admins to make or call out changes instantly. I hardly use the Pen tool though.

My favorite function is Notes. You can attach a note to any part of the PDF. PDF Expert delivers a better e-sign experience than Adobe. You can virtually sign your signature using a trackpad. I like it and prefer the solution compared to Adobe. The color options are limited to Purple, Black, and Blue. Other options include the ability to add text, images, links, and even remove the sensitive information using the Redact tool.

Other features include scan and OCR, comments functions to point out changes. I like the compare files option, which allows you to compare the edited PDF file with the original one. Of course, you can make custom stamps as well. You can also add a password to a PDF. Overall, when it comes to the number of features, Adobe has the upper hand here. Adobe wins this round comfortably. Adobe also offers a way to invite others to make edits to a PDF.

Readdle is offering seven days of free trial for PDF Expert. Adobe Acrobat comes with a free trial of 7 days as well. Are you still confused between the two? Allow me to simplify it for you. Adobe marches ahead with several export options, and the sharing capabilities are unmatched compared to rivals. Which one are you are going to choose, and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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